What to Look for Before Buying a Football Table?

Are you looking to invest some money on a foosball table? Then you should know that there are a few things you need to keep in mind and consider before to splurge on something like this as it is not cheap.

If you don’t already know what you want to get, then we are here to give you a hand so that you do not make a mistake while buying your first foosball table.

Things to Consider

  • How Skilled are You

There are different foosball tables made for players who have different levels of skills. If you are a beginner, then you should know that they usually play on tabletops and it is best if they go for something on the cheaper end, too should opt for that as you might not enjoy the sport at all.

Whereas skilled players should buy foosball tables that are made specifically for tournaments. You will not enjoy playing the game if you buy something that does not match up to your level.

  • What Is the Table Made of

You need to weigh what is it that you are looking for when you are spending money on the foosball table. If you want something cheaper then you should get for something that is made with particleboard. The only problem with this is that they are not as durable.

What Is the Table Made of

But if you want something more durable, then solid wood is the way to go. But they will cost you a pretty penny. But it will be worth the money it costs you.

  • How Big Is The Table

The size of your house or the room you are planning to keep the table is very important. If your room is small then you will not have much space to move around. For a smaller house you could get a smaller table, but if you have space then, by all means, go all out.

  • Can the Height Be Adjusted

If you are a standard height then this is not something you need to think about, but if you are very tall then there is a chance you might have to get a table that has the option for adjustment in height. It will be easier for you to play if you can reach the table better.


Even though there are a few other things you might want to think about before getting the foosball table, but these are the essentials. There is no way to get a good one before analyzing these.