How to Use a Pole Saw?

Are you obsessed with gardening? Then perhaps you would know the significance of a pool saw. A pool saw is nothing, but a saw attached to a pool so that you can use it over a certain distance.

To say it as simply as possible, a pool saw is used to cutting things that are far away. So for those of you who don’t know how to use a pool saw and the perks it provides, this is the place for you as we will dive right into the details of how to use the pole saw properly.

Uses of a Pole Saw

The three most important uses of a pole saw are as follows:

  • Brush Clearing- ridding the garden ground off undergrowth.
  • Pruning- cutting off branches off a tree to shape it to look a particular way usually for decorations.
  • Trimming- getting rid of all the lifeless branches from the tree.

Safety Tips

Using a pole saw can be quite difficult and may take some practice because of the long length of the pole.

This is the very reason why using a pole saw can pose some threats too.

So one must always take some safety precautions like wearing the appropriate clothes, taking the necessary gears, clearing off the surrounding area so that no harm is done to a third party, etc.

Professionals suggest to always use the pole saw during the daytime, never to use it on a rainy or wet day and to never try to attempt to cut branches that a too thick (over 8 cm) on your own.

You’ll find ample resources on about the safety measures.

Using a Pole Saw

Using a Pole Saw

There are two ways you can use a pole saw and they are as follows;

  • Manual Pole Saw

These pole saws use muscle power and is the best option when it comes to pruning. It requires strength, practice, and patience and assumed you have these three the results will be splendid.

It is always a requirement to make a plan before you use your manual pole saw to make sure you cut the right branches and always to make sure to clear out the area underneath the tree to avoid any accidents.

  • Powered Pole Saw

These pole saws use gas or electricity and are generally used for brush clearing and trimming. In brush clearing, the pole saw is simply switched on and it does the job pretty much by itself, only a little direction is needed from the user.

Trimming is very much like pruning but the health of the tree is not much of a consideration here. This is most certainly quicker and more efficient than using a manual pole saw.


To conclude a word of caution would be that beautification is, of course, important but it is not worth your safety.

So please maneuver your pole saw with care as it can be quite tricky for rookies. With that note, let’s make the best use of our pole saws with everything we learned from here!