How to Install Under Cabinet Range Hood Vent?

You just got an under-cabinet vent hood so we’re going to tell you how to install it.

The How to

Before we start there are a few things we need to take care of before we begin installing. You will need:

  • a power screwdriver with an extension bit so you can reach small areas
  • a level, tape measure, pencil or marker, wall or keyhole saw, aluminum tape and lastly the mounting screws that come with the hood
  • you may need a helper or cabinet jack or car jack

According to sweetrevelations study the first thing you want to do is cover your cooktop with a piece of wood or something firm so that you don’t damage it in case you drop a screwdriver or some nails.

The next thing that you want to do is open up the cabinet that’s going to be on top of a rangehood and you want to prepare the holes for the ventilation.

So lets relatively small two feet it should be fine and then the 8 inches you want to make sure it’s a little bigger than the8 inches, so it fits in easier if you have a recessed cabinet you will need to get some pieces of wood to make it level.

Once you’ve made the holes for the ductwork and the electrical and you’ve covered your cooktop we can get started with getting ready to install the Rangehood. What you want to do is get the cabinet jacks that we mentioned earlier and put them on the sides and what you’re going to do at this point is grab the Rangehood and put it on top of the center.

If you only have one you will need to have an extra piece of plywood so that you can balance out the weight of the range. If it doesn’t fall to the left or to the right are you going to put it out in the meadow and then you’re gonna put it on top so we’ll go ahead and do the installation using the jack and remember that you need to use a piece of plywood.

If you have a second person, I have somebody to help me out, we’re going to grab the rangehood and put it on top of the plywood. So you want to put it on its face tilt it like this and you want to just slide it over trying to put too much friction on it.

You want to scratch the bottom and want to make sure that it’s placed and it doesn’t fall over make sure that it’s level. To start doing the alignment what we’re going to do is just slide it out then, going to place make sure to keep your hand upon the range.

Earth at least one hand and then you want to push it up to make sure that’s level on both sides and push it up with pressure and nice and even so now that you have the rangehood level with the cabinet. You want to go ahead and pull out the electrical wire make sure that it’s not pinched in between the ranger to the cabinet.

We recommend with the power screws to have a long tip the longer the tip the better but if you have a shorter one it’ll still work out you will also be some screws that came in the bag that the manufacturer provided and we can go ahead and get started with screwing.

You’re going to go ahead and have to go to the bottom of this you’re going to drill inwards this way at this point you want to get under the Rangehood. Go ahead and start drilling once you’ve mounted the Rangehood by screwing in the four screws and you’ve done the ductwork and install the electrical.

To Finish Off

We can go ahead and remove the jack and piece of wood you go ahead and pull it off and finish off your engine. So it’s nice and clean remember to go with the grain and you’re ready to enjoy your ratchet remember.

If you still have any other quarries as to how to install it there are step-by-step instructions in the manual that came with your Rangehood. I hope you got all that in. Good Luck.