How To Install A Window Fan?

What is the best cooling appliance that is budget friendly and works effectively at the same time?

Yes, your guess is right, a window fan is a correct answer to this question.

When summer comes and the heat of the day becomes unbearable, naturally we all start to search for an effective and cheapest cooling system. A window fan is a wonderful solution here.

Also, window fan is a perfect alternative to an expensive air conditioning system and it saves your electricity bill.

It’s a very important task to install a window fan correctly if you want to get proper service from the fans. You don’t need too much effort to install and operate it. It’s easy to move and install than an air conditioner.

In this article, I will explore how to install a window fan safely.

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Things Need To Consider Before Installation

  • Size Of The Fan

When you want to install a new window fan, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the fan. Some people think that a large window fan is better because it supplies more cool air. Actually, this assumption is wrong.

Measure your window size and choose the fan that will fit with your window perfectly. I always take the inner measurement of my windows to get accurate fittings.

If your window size is standard, then you can easily find fans that are fitted with it. And if your fan is exceptional in size, you need to use some extra mounting elements.

  • Placement Of The Fan

Choosing a good place is a very important thing to consider to install a window fan. Some guys normally choose the bigger window of their home to set a window fan with the belief that it will supply more air from outside. No, don’t do it!

What you need to look after is the air direction. Always place the window fan in the place from where the breeze flows easily.

The Installation Process Of The Window Fan

You don’t need many tools to install a window fan. Just follow some steps carefully to finish your work.

  • Place The Fan On The Window Frame

Most of the window fan is easy to fit in a double-hung window frame. Also, some window fan is better for sliding windows. But, don’t worry, you can install both types of window fans by following the same systems.

At first, open the window and place your unit just right along the window frame. Always set the fan upright along the edge of the window.

  • Must Cover The Gaps

Now obviously that is not an ideal setup if there are any little bit of gaps between frame and fan. You can adjust this to expand the fan cover a little bit more as much as you can. Or you can use cardboard or paper to block the gaps.

  • Close The Window And Run The Fan In Full Mode

After setting the fan on the frame, close the window again. The base of the window must set on the flat top of the window fan.

After finishing the all installation step, now you can press the start button of the fan. Try to run the window fan in the night because the air is cooler in the night than the daytime.

Now, enjoy the cool and fresh air that you wanted!

Final Words

Perfect installation is very important for a window fan if you want to get the most from it. Hope this short article helps you to know how to install a window fan. You can visit the TopCoolingFan site for more info about it.