What Is The Difference Between Single Flare And Double Flare?

Nowadays, the most complex part of a modern car is its brake system. If you know how a brake works, you must say, it’s true.

When the brake pedal is pressed, it compresses the piston in the master cylinder. This creates hydraulic pressure and sends fluid to each part of the vehicle and activating the brakes. Huge works to do!

And also this system must be air sealed free of any air bubbles. This sealed connection depends on using a quality flare in your vehicle.

There are many types of best brake line flaring tools available on the market. They all generally do the same work, but each one has a special reason to use it.

Here we discuss the difference between a single flare and a double flare tool. These two types of flare are most popular in both professional and DIY works.

Okay, we can start!

Single Flare

Single flare tools are the best option for low-pressure lines. This type of flare is only acceptable for low-pressure brake lines and not accurate in high-pressure brake systems.

Just as its name, a single flare line is flared out just one time in a conoid shape. The tubing is just flared once at the end. That’s why a high-pressure brake system is not appropriate for this.

Single Flare

The main disadvantage of a single flare is, there is a risk of crack and leakage to use this flare quite easily. Because it’s very tough to get a proper seal on a steel line with a single flare.

But single flare is good enough for a low-pressure line, no doubt about it.

Double Flare

A double flare is one of the most common flares for the brake lines. Double flare used in almost every vehicle. It’s a very well-known flare for every DIY person or professional auto workers.

When you use a double flare in the brake line, you can form twice flare at the end of the line. As a result, it is more powerful and long-lasting for the high pressured brake systems.

Most cars which are manufactured in the USA through the 80’s, uses double flare in its brake lines. It’s easier to use and requires less learning and leaves less chance for error.

Final Words

In our opinion, double flare is best for the long-lasting services of your brake lines. But if you don’t want to do too much work and your vehicle doesn’t need special high pressure supported flare, you can use single flare easily.

We hope this short article is informative and helps you to choose your desire flare tool for your automobiles.

Thank you!